About Me

My name is Kevin Kawai Leung. As with most people, I am the sum total of my various “personalities.” At home, I’m known as dad, husband, chef, man of the house, guy that pays all the bills, etc. At my law firm, I’m known as partner, owner, dude in the corner office, deal-maker, finder of clients and capital, etc. At Forbes Media, I’m known as director, the peace broker, the negotiator, the calm voice, etc. At my private equity fund, I’m known as investor, creator of companies, deal hound, etc. Finally, at Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation (www.aidansredenvelope.org), the foundation I started with my wife to help families with children with disabilities, I am known as the guy that raises money and the MC at our events. All these different personalities come together to make “me.”

It is my hope that Kawai Studio will represent my artistic personality; the side that finds the beauty in a very, very chaotic and mad world.

Photography came to me naturally as a by-product of my insatiable desire to travel and wonder the world. I have been to all seven continents and have: sat and talked to monks in Myanmar to learn about Buddhism; ran the streets of Pamplona in front of raging bulls to participate in the Festivals San Fermin; hung out with penguins and seals in Antarctica; stalked and watched a lion hunt and devour a wildebeest in Kenya, and so on and so forth. To me, I am most alive discovering and experiencing the world. As I started to travel, the need to document my experiences and the places that I’ve been was inevitable. This was my reason for learning photography.

In recent years, I started to share my photographs, first with just family and friends, then eventually to colleagues and people I did business with and finally to total strangers. To me, each photograph comes with stories that are personal and unique in every sense, bringing back memories of taking them.

The more I shared, the more I found that people from all walks of life found a connection with them. I started to get requests for making prints so that people can enjoy them as pieces of art. This, of course, lead to my idea to connect one part of me, the “Foundation” part, with the artistic part. I started to make prints to auction and sell as a means to raise money for the Foundation (a portion of all profits from the sale of prints will benefit Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation). I can see no better way to connect people’s enjoyment of my photography with helping children with disabilities!

This website will hopefully facilitate that, as well as allowing me to share my photography with even more people.

—Kevin Kawai Leung